Unless you live in California, where the sun always shines and the weather is likely already at a comfortable 72 degrees, you are living in an area where bone-chilling temperatures are most likely the daily forecast. You want to enjoy the great outdoors but can’t fathom the idea of facing the freezing elements. We may just have the answer for you.


A Snow Crawler. What is a Snow Crawler? Have a look. Cool eh? The concept vehicle offers you the all-terrain mobility of a traditional quad design but with the driving experience of a car. You can take your fully covered Snow Crawler out for a spin to the slopes or make your way through that snow covered forest that would be impossible to trek on foot. The eclectic design, that looks like something out of Tron, will get you from point A to point B looking like a champ, while the sleek one setter design will protect your perfectly quaffed Ferrvor man hair from the elements.


With this concept Snow Crawler, there is no reason to why a snow day has to turn into a normal day spent at home.