What’s the fastest way to get from one floor to another? It’s not the stairs. Perhaps an escalator? The elevator! Yes, the elevator. Thoth Technology has taken a speedy ascension into space and has been granted the patent to create a space elevator, potentially creating the next advancement in space travel.

space 1

So what does a space elevator consist of? The freestanding space tower is a pressurized tower that will reach 20km over Earth, and serve as a wind-energy generation, communication and tourism tube. What Thoth is onto is no doubt exciting and an innovative way to reach space that is also environmentally friendly by using recycled hardware and using 30% of the fuel used by a conventional rocket. Inventor Dr. Brendan Quine shares, “Astronauts would ascend to 20km by electrical elevator. From the top of the tower, space planes will launch in a single stage to orbit, returning to the top of the tower for refueling and preflight.”

space 2

Are you in for this ride to up to space? This is guaranteed to be one elevator ride you have never experienced. Follow the advancements of the Space Elevator at Thoth Technology, Inc.

Story By: David Sims
Images By: Thoth Technology, Inc.