Jaguar C-X75, spectre

Power and elegance. The perfect attributes for international spy, James Bond and the Jaguar C-X75. With the immense anticipation and buzz of the release of Spectre later this November, Jaguar and Land Rover have continued to impress with their vehicle line up. Earlier this month they globally revealed the Range Rover SVR, Land Rover Defender and the Jaguar C-X75. The focus here is the orange beauty that has caught the attention of sportscar aficionados all around.

Jaguar C-X75, spectre

You don’t need to be an international spy to appreciate this powerful car. This car will be featured in one of Spectre’s most-thrilling scenes as they chase through the streets of Rome.

Jaguar has just released a behind the scenes video footage of the chase. Who doesn’t love a good chase? And when you add a Jaguar C-X75 to the mix, you are bound to create some on-screen magic and one hell of a thrilling chase scene. As the 24th James Bond film, Spectre, has a lot of fuel behind the hype and we cannot wait.

Story By: David Sim
Media By: Jaguar