City of London one of the leading centres of global finance. This view includes Tower 42, Gherkin,Willis Building, Stock Exchange Tower, Lloyd`s of London and Canary Wharf at the background.

Reach new locations in a single bound and much faster. Spike Aerospace takes flight with a freshly updated version of the Spike S-512 Supersonic Jet.

Quick and classy, this super jet can fly Mach 1.6, or 450 mph faster than any civilian jet. This means worldwide travel at supersonic speeds, saying goodbye to jet lag and hello from to London from NYC in a mere 3 hours, or LAX to Japan, India and Australia in a matter of a few hours, for a little shopping and entertainemnt and back home for dinner, or work the next day.

spike 2

The jet can carry up to 18 passengers. That’s you and several of your comrades to converse and engage in conversation and panoramic views. In addition to the comfort of the Spike S-512, they’ve spent the last 18 months making significant improvements in design, performance and comfort, including quieting the long troublesome, sonic boom that has long hampered supersonic flights over the U.S. Additionally, they’ve created a delta wing that enhances flight performance in speed, cruise, fuel burn, stability and range.

The dramatic water vista of the Sydney Harbour Bridge together with the nearby Sydney Opera House is an iconic image of both Sydney and Australia

Business trips look to finally become a lot more fun and less hassle, seeing loved ones cross-country for family gatherings look to become more frequent and quick getaways for personal time, rest and relaxation more doable.

Fly Supersonic, Do More means being able to reach destinations around the world is less than half the time it currently takes. Imagine the impact on personal travel, business, investments and global opportunities if you could fly from NYC to London in just 3 hours, LA to Toyko just 6 hours or soon, London to Mumbai in just 4 hours.

The fast life is great when you’re moving with spontaneity and have a supersonic jet at your disposal.

Story By: Nico Triunfante
Images By: Spike Aerospace