Barrel rolls aren’t only for dolphins anymore. This underwater submarine will take you on a ride that once existed only in your imagination.

Traveling to a beautiful tropical island, enjoying local delicacies, admiring the scenery, doing a little Scuba diving and snorkeling is all an adventure in itself. To enhance your trip is the new DeepFlight Super Falcon Mark II. This personal underwater vessel takes you to places you could once only admire in the movies, unless you were in the Navy.

Submarine 2

You and your co-pilot will sit in the cockpit of your very own submarine. A fly by wire three-axis flight control system allows you the control to guide your way as you enjoy an underwater adventure through coral reefs, caverns and perhaps discover hidden treasures.

Submarine 3

Adjustable, lightweight carbon fiber seats, stainless steel floor and footrests, an air conditioning system and high-quality display functions create a comfortable experience. Oxygen levels are monitored electronically. Communication with the surface is possible through a closed-circuit, high-tech Marine grade VHF radio.

Submarine 4

A strong, carbon reinforced exterior and lightweight aluminum plate decks allow this underwater toy to glide smooth as a dolphin through the water.

We promise your adventures won’t be quite the same after giving the Super Falcon Mark II a go.

Supplemental Images Via Deep Flight, Laucala Island Resort