We’re past the peak of summer, but that doesn’t mean discard your workout routine. Los Angeles has always been at the forefront of revolutionizing one’s pain and gain by taking it from the mundane to somewhat of a cult following. Here’s a few of the newest hybrid creations to fill up your workout time slot:

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) Yoga
Balancing was never so crucial til SUP tested your skills executing popular yoga poses on a well pretty easy to gues, a paddle board in the middle of open water! Cultivated in Marina Del Rey, founder Sarah Tiefenthaler takes you to the brink and is sure to zero in on that core burn.
Barry’s Bootcamp
Thinking something a little heavier? Barry’s Bootcamp is a MUST.Celebs galore pack into sessions of grueling training to mold and sculpt those side abs with founder Barry Jay. These peeps are ripped y’all, go in eyes closed and expect some serious affliction, then come out a marble statue.
Bar Method
With studios covering LA, this minimal yet very effective workout will hit in places of the body you never knew existed. Founder Burr Leonard transformed her dance regimen into a full on body sculpting assault. It’s an endurance thing with Bar, which makes it easy to underestimate it’s potency. The movements are compact but focused and you’ll definitely put on a pain face towards the end of a repetition.

Story By: Jerry P