the hoverboard

We like gadgets, tech and transportation. From cars to jets to humvees and yachts, you name it, we’re all in. Today, we’re focusing on one mode of transport and that is getting yourself from one point to another. And what better way to do it then with this Hoverboard.

Story By: Amanda Del Mar
Media By: Hoverboard

the hoverboard

Silicon Valley Robotics has created this personal electric vehicle that somewhat resembles a skateboard and designed to create the effect of “surfing on land.” Going full-force and adding some of the best technology known today, the Hoverboard was spared no expense. At the center of the board is a single, electric-motorized, 10” wheel, that powers the board as you go along for your ride. The computer-controlled wheel is driven by 5,000 watts of power and allow riders full command and control. Weight distribution is your controller, so if you want to accelerate, you simply lean forward, or lean back to decelerate, allowing a hands free riding experience.

the hoverboard

The Hoverboard also comes with it’s own light show that looks pretty wicked against the black frame. And if you’re looking to play some tunes, the board has you covered with speakers so you can listen to your favorite tracks while you ride. At a top speed of 20 mph it comes with about 12 miles of travel time with each battery charge. The extended battery offers 20 miles of travel distance. And charging the board is easy and takes about an hour with the standard charger and 16 minutes with the Supercharger.

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