It’s another scorching morning in Los Angeles. The clock has yet to read 10 and the sun is beaming down as the Ferrvor Team sets up shop for another day on set. This time around, we’re shooting at Air Hollywood Studios, the largest aviation-themed, motion picture studio in the world, which houses the original airplane interiors of many planes, including the first-class Pan Am cabin from yesteryear, which is set up for private dinner service, by reservation. They also have the original set for the movie Airplane, various cockpits and even a full-fledged airplane terminal complete with security checkpoint. The studio has had its fair share of recent productions including Flight, DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story, Bridesmaids and Charlie Wilson’s War, among others. But on this day, Ferrvor took over to hang out and shoot some photos with one of the NBA’s most notable veterans, Matt Barnes, before he leaves the bright lights of California and makes his way out to “Grizz Nation.”

Jacket: Zara Shirt: Ted Baker Pants: Calvin Klein Watch: Daniel Wellington Shoes: Donald J Pliner Bags: Moods of Norway

 A familiar face to NBA junkies as the “Bad Boy of the NBA,” Matt is also known to be the loyal teammate you want on your squad, and the guy you dread to play against. Yes, Matt Barnes is ‘that’ guy. In person, he is a very charming and laid back kind of guy. Having played on nine different teams in his 13 year career, Matt has had somewhat of a globetrotting career, making his one of the most interesting.

Photographer: Kaleb Khu
Written By: Jasmine Sabagquit
Stylist: Apuje Kalu
Grooming: Monica Reyes
Set Coordinator: Jasmine Sabagquit
Set Assistants: Briana Dorton, Tony Madrid, Nico Triunfante

Photographed at Air Hollywood in Pacoima, CA

Having played four years at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), Matt has a deep love for Cali, which shouldn’t surprise anyone as Barnes’ humble beginnings are rooted in Northern California, the Bay Area and Sacramento to be exact, where always being doubted was a motivation for him to become the successful person he is today. For the past five years, Matt has been in the City of Angels, where he’s suited up and been an influential part of many powerhouse NBA teams in California. The Los Angeles Lakers, the revamped Los Angeles Clippers and what he considers his most memorable, the historic Golden State Warriors “We Believe” Team, who became the NBA’s first #8 seed to knock off the #1 seed in the post season.

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And like the everlasting marks he’s made on the teams he’s played on and the players he’s played alongside, Matt’s tattoos tell a similar story. His arms and chest are covered in artwork, from angels, quotes and even California. He shares that his favorites, are the tattooed footprints of his twin boys on his neck and the portrait of his late mother on his stomach.

Earlier this summer, the Memphis Grizzlies acquired Barnes, where he will be able to showcase his skills and get a chance to contribute to an already strong championship contender. The Grizzlies originally drafted him into the league back in 2002, so in a sense heading back to Memphis brings Matt back around full circle.

Suit: Armani Shirt: John Varvatos Watch: Daniel Wellington Sunglasses: Sama Eyewear Bag: Moods of Norway

Matt, along with his publicist, Irene, and the Ferrvor Staff, share some laughs as we shoot in the original Pan Am section of an Air Hollywood set. Definitely one of the highlights of the studio, which contain some of the original props and memorabilia from the original Pan Am plane. Just like Barnes, the vibe is relaxed and chill, as if we are on a first class flight to somewhere special. This Ferrvor Man cleans up well and without the basketball jersey we’re used to seeing him in. This is another side of Matt that we get to experience.

For the shoot he’s decked out in a grey Corneliani suit, Theory shirt, J.Crew tie and Magnanni shoes.

Matt, thanks for sharing your time with us. I’ll dive right in. What sort of motivations have helped you to become the basketball player you are today?
Always being doubted, which drove me to play harder.

Did you have any mentors, or great coaches that helped you along the way?
Always looked up to Magic Johnson.

Who’s your favorite player to play against?
I don’t really have one player in mind. I just love playing against the best, period. Don’t care who it is! Bring it.

During the offseason what are some of your hobbies that take you away from basketball?
Mostly relaxing with my kids, playing golf and working on movies or tv shows.

Favorite pair/kind of shoes for a casual day? Dress up?
My Chucks (Converse) & Del Toros.

Tattoos are becoming prolifically popular as the years go by and you’ve had some since your arrival in the NBA. Which is your favorite and/or most symbolic?
My twins boys’ footprints on my neck and the portrait of my mom on my stomach.

Healthy eating is a huge factor toward staying in shape, but there are guilty pleasures that we indulge in every so often. What’s one of your go-to-treats to indulge in?
That’s easy, gummy worms or gummy bears.

Suit: Armani Shirt: John Varvatos Watch: Daniel Wellington Sunglasses: Sama Eyewear

What are your top 3 things that get you pumped before games?
Knowing I can prove people wrong about winning, music, and the team we are playing.

If you were to be anything else other than a professional basketball player, what would you be?
A professional football player in the NFL.

People see Matt Barnes on the court, but you are also involved in many charities and causes including your own organization, Athletes vs Cancer, in which you started in 2007 in memory of your mother. How’s the organization doing and where do you see it going in the future?
My foundation, Athletes vs. Cancer, is getting bigger by the year. Our goal is to put kids, who have beaten cancer, through college.

You’re a fashionable man and recently partnered with Malibu Clothes in Beverly Hills for your exclusive Barnes Collection. Can you bestow a couple good fashion tips for a Ferrvor Man?
Baggy is out. Fitted is in. Confidence is everything.

What does good fashion mean to you?
Style, class and making people’s heads turn.

Suit: Corneliani Shirt: Theory Tie: J. Crew Tie Bar: The Tie Bar  Pocket Square: Thomas Pink Lapel Pin: Hook + ALBERT

 Since the NBA changed their dress code to “business casual attire,” you’ve worn some of the finest pre and post game outfits we’ve seen. Who are your go-to-designer/s?
I like wearing my own suit line. The Barnes Collection.

Your twin boys, Isaiah and Carter, are often seen supporting you at your home games. What does it mean for you to have your boys there seeing you in action?
It means the world to me. I live for my twins.

Last question – What is a quote that you live by?
Only the strong survive.

Our journey with Matt is about to conclude at the studio’s terminal security checkpoint. Matt sits down next to an airport cart and is playing on his phone, as if he’s killing time waiting to board his plane. The last flash from the strobe lights go off, as Kaleb Khu, Ferrvor’s photographer yells in his traditional fashion, “Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s a wrap for Mr. Matt Barnes.” Everyone joins in applause and cheers on a job well done. We bid farewell to the talented forward. Another shoot day wrapped up for Ferrvor, and another day in the books for Matt Barnes and company.

Off Court with Matt Barnes

Music: Bo Haan – Blank Space