Ferrvor Trevor Andrew Gucci Ghost Alessandro Michele

It’s October, the month that is famously known for Halloween.  No, you’re not going to read another “ten different ways to be cool for Halloween” article. Without playing the 20 questions game, but, as indicated by the title we are going to have a little Halloween fun and talk about the Gucci Ghost.

Story By: Nicolai K
Image and Media By: Gucci and TroubleAngrew Instagram

Ferrvor Trevor Andrew Gucci Ghost Alessandro Michele

The name is Trevor Andrew, his online persona is the Gucci Ghost. He might not be familiar to you, but you likely have come across his work via pictures of celebrities in tabloids either carrying or wearing Trevor’s work, or possibly walking around New York City, in a Gucci store, or you might be thinking, “I have no clue what are you talking about.” Ok, so who is Trevor, the Gucci Ghost? He’s a street artist, that revolves his work around an animated ghost and the Gucci logo.

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The ex-Canadian Olympic snowboarder turned modern day Artist began his career by running around The Big Apple and tagging the iconic Gucci logo inspired art and posting his work on his personal Instagram with the #GucciGhost. Well, people including Gucci’s very own Alessandro Michelle took note.

Whether you are a fan of Trevor’s collaboration collection or not, this might be an alternative to some of you that are looking for streetwear with a touch of street art.