Tesla’s all-electric Roadster 3.0 has gotten a nice facelift in the area of range. You can now go a very decent 400 miles (644 km) on a single charge from the previous Roadster range of just 245 miles. That’s SF to Los Angeles. Pretty impressive, for a car that looks like a formula 1 race car. You can thank advances made to fuel cells in it’s battery’s that have 31% more energy then the 2008 versions.


The upgrade will also include a new series of aerodynamic tweaks, (which are retrofittable) that reduce the Roadster’s drag coefficient by 15 percent. There are also a set of new tires and wheel bearings delivering a 20% improvement to the vehicle’s rolling resistance and also helping improve range.

Tesla Roadster Supp 1

The new package officially puts the Tesla Roadster as the longest-range electric vehicle with no charging. Elon Musk, the company’s CEO has hinted that upgrades will eventually be available for the Model S line of vehicles, just no word yet as to when.