For their 2016 fall presentation, Chanel is taking us back to its roots. Lagerfeld kept the show down to earth and raw with a focus on the clothing and less on the shows themed sets.

Story By: Adonis Pierce
Images By: Chanel

For the first time in what seems like forever, Karl Lagerfeld presented his 2016 Fall collection without the accompanying set designs like the casino or the air port. This time it was stripped down and kept a strong focus on the clothing, and it showed. Karl took to Chanel’s heritage and showed a tweed inspired collection. Although it was a women’s presentation, that didn’t stop him from showing us a few male models sporting some of Chanel’s best.

Staying in theme, the men are seen wearing the labels popular tweed cloth, made famous by Chanel’s founder Coco Chanel. The coats and sweaters are off set by leather pants and boots. An extremely successful collection as always, with the knock out piece coming from the classic tweed Chanel blazer made in male form.