the darwin tank

Aquatic visuals are common in households. Anything from fish bowls with goldfish or beta fish, to gigantic water tanks containing real-life coral and salt water fish. Some even own sharks and eels in their in-home water aquariums.

Media By: The Darwin Tank

The Darwin Tank lets you have one live aquatic animal in your home that you may have never imagined could ever happen. The Jellyfish Tank is a globe-like aquarium that lets you see jellyfish in their natural, free flowing movement and habitat. This is something you wouldn’t usually experience unless you were visiting an aquarium or snorkeling in the ocean.

the darwin tank

Jellyfish are poor swimmers, and in the ocean they get carried away no matter if the current is weak or strong. The Jellyfish Tank is designed to support the jellyfish and allow it to freely move in a safe space. The clear glass aquarium is designed to hold many types of jellyfish including the moon jelly. Mediterranean jelly, spotted jelly, blue blubbers and flame jellyfish, among others.

The Darwin Tank is something to admire. With visually stunning LED lighting in a magnified global aquarium with a live jellyfish, it is sure to be the highlight of your space. For more details on the project visit their Kickstarter page here.