It takes a certain type of personality to make it in Hollywood. Some say you need that certain “special something” to be a star. Our latest Ferrvor Man, Elliot Knight, would describe himself as goofy, hungry, and adventurous. Surely the making of what seems to be a rising star.

It wasn’t always acting for Elliot, even if he has had acting on the brain since he was young. The sports industry might have had a new addition if he hadn’t made it in entertainment. “I competed as a kid and played on every sports team. When I was 15 I missed out on having trials for the England athletics team, jumping Triple. That’s something I always enjoyed and was pretty good at, so would have made sense for me to pursue.” said Elliot.

Story By: Adonis Pierce
Photographed By: Jessica Castro

Elliot skyrocketed his career from an early beginning. He stared in Sinbad  playing the lead role of Sinbad, his first television show in the UK, and on an episode of Law and Order.  After making a name for himself in his homeland, he landed roles on prominent American television series such as Once Upon A Time and How To Get Away With Murder. He can now be seen in American Gothic on CBS, a 13 part mini-series about a family in Boston involved in a number of chilling murders. Knight plays a detective named Brady Ross who marries into the family in question and plays a part in solving the mysterious murders.

Elliot Knight. American Gothic Merlin Once Upon a Time interview

Ferrvor had the opportunity to catch up with Elliot and learn more about this multi-talented actor.

Thanks for meeting with us Elliot, lets start with an easy one. What was your first impression when you first moved from the UK to Hollywood?

LA has a spirit all of its own that takes some getting used to, but I was definitely ready for the move and change of pace. It’s very energizing to be surrounded by creative people and live in a place where things are always happening and moving.

What do you miss most about the UK?

Family. I have a close-knit family of friends and relatives and sometimes you miss the people you’re used to being around and that inspire you. But it’s not too difficult to see them at different times so it actually works out pretty well.

First American expression that you learned?

‘Sup Y’all!

Any quote or moto that you live by?

Perspective is power. Put in what you want out!

Elliot Knight. American Gothic Merlin Once Upon a Time interview

What can people expect in your new series American Gothic?

Twists, turns, tensions, shocks and surprises. It’s an intense murder mystery and an insane family drama that will keep you guessing, suspicious of and rooting for different characters all season long until we finally uncover the truth.

How do you relate to your character Brady Ross?

He wants to do what’s best for his family, to protect what’s close and precious to him and do what he can to ensure justice. I would hope that’s relatable for us all. Also, he has a big appetite. You might not see it in the show, but he could definitely eat a few burgers for breakfast.

How did you prepare to play Brady?

I worked with Toronto ’31 Division’ police officers and met with detectives to see what the job entailed. They also took me on a ride along with them to experience a bit of police life on call, something Brady would have been familiar with towards become a detective in the show. A lot more paperwork that you see on TV!


Nowadays, men have become more open to express themselves in fashion. What do you consider your own personal style to be?

I’m very adaptable with my sense of style – its more fluid than fixed to any one kind. I love simple monochrome looks with minimal detail. I like male jewelry when I can find cool pieces – dark metal chains, earrings, rings. But it changes all the time.

What are some of your favorite pieces in your closet?

I have a pair of black, worn in hi-rise boots that I’ve been wearing a lot. Also some low-crotch black denim jeans I bought and then shredded up at home. Nothing like custom DIY.

Your definition of being a gentleman is?

Being confident in yourself and compassionate to others. Have an open mind and heart and don’t shy away from being sensitive to the world and people around you.

Elliot Knight. American Gothic Merlin Once Upon a Time interview

How has your Hollywood experience been so far?

I’m really grateful for the first couple of years I’ve had stateside. It’s been great to learn more about the industry here and how it operates differently to back home. I’ve been fortunate enough to have already worked with some brilliantly talented and passionate people and on some very exciting projects and I’m looking forward to taking on anything else that comes my way.

What item can you not live without?

Music. So my phone, or a radio. I love all kinds of genres and its always playing, whether I’m at home or outside.

If you compared your life to a movie, which would it be and why?

I’m not sure which exactly, but definitely some kind of comedy-action-drama fusion on film. So an indie summer blockbuster?

Whether it’s the journey across the seven seas, or the mystic powers of Merlin, Elliot Knight is a true talent able to adapt to any character. It is obvious that he will continue to overcome any obstacles that may lie ahead and thrive as an entertainer.