Love them or hate them, fashion collaborations are “ginormous” in an industry where purely the name on the tag can be the reason a crew neck goes for $400 instead of $40. In this day in age where there are a million different brands and it seems like everybody is a celebrity with something to endorse, it only looks like the number of them will grow exponentially.

Story By: Kingsley Pascal
Images By: adidas

Although celeb collabs like Adidas Originals X Pharell or Kanye’s Yeezy line are enough to make anyone lick their chops, it is really the Brand X Brand collabs that are the most interesting. Much like collaborations in music such as (Kanye West and Jay-Z’s) Watch the Throne or Aerosmith X Run-D.M.C’s Walk this way: when brands team up, it can be a beautiful marriage of either like-minded designers weaving  seamlessly together for the first time, or contrasting styles mixing and melding into something no one’s ever seen before.


While 2015’s Supreme X Undercover collection more resembled Yey and Jay’s “how to” rap album, the same year’s Uniqlo X Lemaire and Hermes X Apple team collaborations show just how you can make something amazing out of two very disparate elements, much like a bunch of young guys from Hollis Queens, and a group of middle aged Arena rockers.

Certainly one of the perceived negatives from the perspective of an up and coming brand/designer may be the “rich getting richer”, but another cool thing about collabs is when heavy hitters get together with lesser known artist. Such as Aisics X Bodega’s sneaker collection, which brought together two very different fashion labels to meld together one seamless design. When done right, fashion collaborations go well beyond the “I’ll help you if you help me” approach, and like good music, always leave us wanting more.