So you’re thinking about going on a vacation, but can’t quite decide whether you want to stay at a coastline property or hit the open sea, the Floating Hotel might be the answer to your question.

Floating hotel with catamaran apartment

The Floating Hotel contains two different parts all set to accommodate your needs. The central floating area is the core of the floating hotel and includes reception, restaurant, event hall, offices and a café.

catamaran apartment

The kicker? The Floating Hotel contains separate catamaran apartment units, each with the capacity to accommodate 2-4 people. The apartments can easily be detached from the central area, allowing guests to enjoy a personalized vacation experience in their private space, wherever they choose to navigate to. Traveling at a low speed and having uninterrupted views of nature from every angle through large glass windows, connect the tenants with the natural beauty of their surroundings, in what they call the catamarans, “frames of the nature.”

Interior 2

The interior of the catamarans include a salon, kitchen area, bathroom, storage areas and sleeping areas. There are two separate outdoor lounge areas, including a beach platform allowing easy access to the water to enjoy your favorite aquatic activities.

Floating hotel with catamaran apartments 2

The award-winning Floating Hotel from Salt & Water has already been recognized worldwide and won the Millennium Yacht Design Award.  I know we can’t wait to get on board.

Story By: Amanda Del Mar
Images By: Salt & Water Architecture and Yacht Design