INU Transportation

Green Ride was created three years ago by a bright group of engineers who had one idea in mind, that it was time for a fundamental change in urban mobility. They were well aware that from morning time to end of day, we are always in commute-mode trying to get from one place to the other. With that, they have created products that are convenient, cost-effective and safe for their clients. Their most recent project, the Green Ride INU accomplishes just that.

Story By: Amanda Del Mar
Media By: Green Ride

The Green Ride INU is designed to be “the natural solution for urban transportation.” It’s a comfortable compact, foldable vehicle, that looks somewhat like a scooter you can sit on. The Green Ride INU comes with the conveniences that you won’t have on a normal scooter or bicycle, such as a phone dock and GPS. Speeds range from about 12 mph to 25 mph, and a complete charge only takes 3 hours. You can easily fold the INU too for safe, convenient storage in your office space or home.

INU Transportation

Green Ride’s CEO, Ori Dadoosh, explains that what sets the INU apart, stating, “The automotive industry is working hard on making vehicles that bring you from A to B, but they don’t think about how they get you from A to B. INU is an extension of the user’s personal environment, transporting them in comfort and style, and I believe that INU is inspiring the industry to move in that direction.”

Be on the look next year when the Green Ride INU launches in the U.S. and Europe markets, and will costs will range between $4600-$7700.