It’s really hard to believe that the Kardashians have flooded our television screens, air waves, magazine covers, runways and brains for almost 10 years. With multiple TV-Spinoffs of their own show (who ever thought that would happen with Reality TV?), makeup lines, clothing lines and many endorsements, the Kardashians have a cumulative net worth of about $300 million, and as long as people keep “karing” (See what I did there?) about what this family is up to, they’ll continue to be a money making powerhouse.

Story By: Amanda Del Mar
Images via Kim Kardashian Instagram


Let’s talk Kim, the one who started it all, and the self-proclaimed “brains” behind the whole Kardashian Empire. As if we don’t see her face enough, Kim released her official emoji app, KIMOJI, which gives users access to over 250 designs solely based on Kim Kardashian.


From booty shots, multiple selfie images, a cream covered peach, censored boobies, an image of a female sliding down a pole, a Bentley, a bling’d out middle finger, a pair of Yeezy Boosts, and even her famous crying face, Kim-fanatics are going crazy off of the new app.

We thought it’d be fun to put together what we think was the inspiration behind KIMOJI.

The “purse your lips and stare directly at the camera” KIMOJI.

The “back shot” KIMOJI.

The “I’m fixing my hair” KIMOJI.

The “hair tied in a bun, front-facing selfie” KIMOJI

The “sexy, arms up, black bra pose” KIMOJI

The “booty” KIMOJI

The “pregnant” KIMOJI

One last note. Hey Kim, can you turn this one into a KIMOJI?