How can something so heavenly be so down to earth?

The idea of soaring 41,000 feet above the ground while sitting comfortably in a multi-cabin lounge, enjoying some fine wine and a massage is about as good as it gets.

Story By: Nico Triunfante
Media By: Embraer Executive Jets

Introducing the Lineage 1000E, the epitome of luxury secured within the chief of air travel mechanisms. At 118 feet and 11 inches long, the Lineage 1000E contains a cabin that is 2.5 times larger than your regular ultra-long-range jet.

Lineage 1000E Ultra Large Corporate Bizjet

Within it includes several cabin zones, each with a feature that compliments the next. Let’s start with your first step inside. White walls, soft couches, and a rest area welcome you with open wings.

Lineage 1000E Ultra Large Executive Aircraft Cabin Design

A master suite is installed with a lavatory, walk-in shower, a top-to-bottom full-fledged mirror, a 23” LCD display, and a Queen-size bed. Though, if you brought company to this personal sanctuary of the jet, you probably won’t be using the LCD as often as the other features if you catch our drift.

Lineage 1000E Ultra Large Private Aircraft Cabin

The remainder of the cabin optimizes satisfaction. iPad control features engage the audio, video, temperature, lights, and window shades, along with a 1080p entertainment system.

A dining area is secretly hidden from the floor of the aircraft, welcoming you with a wood grain finish and is placed between four seats.

This phenomenal aircraft is a haven for the perfect getaway from reality.

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