It goes without saying, impeccably tailored clothing and a breathtaking collection is what you can expect with Public School. For their Fall 2016 collection, Osborne and Chow channeled their inner lonely boy meets rock god to create an out of this world presentation.

Story By: Tony Madrid
Images By: Public School

The premise of the collection started with David Bowie and the 1976 movie The Man Who Fell to Earth, which also happened to star the musical taste-maker. The next point of inspiration came with the idea of a person being a loner, which would happen to make him the best dressed loner out of the bunch.


Vintage silhouettes mixed flawlessly with the brands effortless street style. Dark shades of blue and black worked as pops of color amongst the many textures that filled the runway. The fit stayed true to form by keeping it sharp and tailored to the body. While the pants gave an homage to the early 80’s by sitting high on the waist and high off the ankle.


There was never a lack of detail within each ensemble. Layers covered them from head to toe. While wide brim hats and sunglasses topped the models for a finished look.

It’s easy to see why Public School is always a crowd favorite. Alongside fabric choice and an undemanding ease, there was never a dull moment.