For our extreme biker friends, ICON, is a kicking brand that takes care of you from head to toe with their high-quality gear. Now these masterminds have brought to life, The New Jack that we guarantee will wow your mind.

Icon 1000 2

The team behind ICON 1000 has been hooking up riders for over 13 years with their top-notch, high quality protective gear. Designed for riders who are “most at risk,” ICON is known for pushing boundaries and have made their name in creating some of the most awesome modified bikes out there.

The New Jack is a new project that has come to life from these adrenaline masterminds. This bike is like a 2-wheel majestic creation from Frankenstein, if he was into motorbikes. The fact that it was compiled from the base of a 1982 Suzuki Katana is pretty amazing. A respect for the classics and the addition of artistic flair and craftsmanship, this bike has everything for every bike lover.

Icon 1000 4

The New Jack has a powerful 1200cc motor ripped from a Suzuki Bandit, and the frame was redesigned to make sure balance and weight were distributed evenly and dual-shock support assures smooth ride efficiency. Are you ready for this?

The video says it all, from control to design. You need to see this for yourself.