humvee 2

Humvees are high-tactical military vehicles first introduced in 1979 for U.S. Military use. They are designed to tackle the toughest terrain on the planet, and those who have ever had the chance to go for a ride in one know that these big boys are the real deal. Sure you’ve seen big Hummer models on the streets but those are Hot Wheels cars compared to a real military grade humvee.


Tactical vehicle manufacturer, Oshkosh Defense, is taking the popular military vehicle to another level and giving the U.S. Military a major upgrade. The military grade, Oshkosh Defense Light Combat Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle (L-ATV), will be the newest humvee for the U.S. Military, a more technologically advanced, and all-around fiercer model. Oshkosh, (No relation to the popular 90s jeans brand, for those who were wondering.), beat out Lockheed Martin JLTV and the original humvee designer, AM General, to be granted a $6.7 billion contract and produce 17,000 Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JTLV) models. That’s a very generous contract with the possibilities of becoming a successful $30 billion come up.


The Oshkhosh humvee offers greater versatility and efficiency, improved fuel economy and power. AN An advanced hill design, automatic fire suppression systems, integrated shock system designed to absurd and deflect blast energy, blast protected seats, restraints and stowage, are all designed to give crew the best impact protection possible. So not only does the appearance speak wonders, but the performance also talks a big game and delivers what is much needed.

As the development and production process continues, be on the lookout as the Oshkosh Defense Light Combat Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle is set to tackle the toughest military roads starting 2018.

Story By: Amanda Del Mar
Media By: Oshkosh Defense