For these cold winter days and nights, sure its comfortable to sit at home and cuddle up in a pair of sweats and a fleece throw. But when you’re headed outdoors, there’s something more fashionable that you can cozy up to. The Poncho.

Story By: Amanda Del Mar
Images By: Valentino

What may look like a silly, overthrown blanket resting against your shoulders, is actually a traditional outer garment that has been in existence for centuries. Said to have originated from ancient South American civilizations, the poncho has one goal in mind: to keep you warm. It is typically one sheet of fabric cut and shaped to have an opening in the center for your head and on the sides for your arms.

Valentino Poncho 2

Valentino previewed their fresh take on the fashionable use of the poncho, with bold, geometric designs, leading the way in the revival of the mens fashion trend. Layered over jackets and scarves, and thrown over jeans, the poncho is the perfect complimentary piece to your winter get up.

With these impressive designer pieces, we can’t wait to see what visually stunning concept Valentino comes up with for the Fall Winter 2016 Campaign.