Traveling along the beautiful waters of the English Channel, you’ll come across many beautiful islands, such as the Isle of Wight. But we found one insanely cool man made ‘island’ that will surely catch your attention and leave you asking, just what is that?


From a distance, one would probably have a hodgepodge of thoughts, “Is it an abandoned military base? Is it safe? This massive fortress sitting in the middle of the ocean brings back memories of the popular 1996 movie, “The Rock,” but rest assured, this island is safe and comes with a few surprises we are sure you will enjoy. Gents, this is an oceanic experience that you’ll want to dive into this Spring.


No Man’s Fort, is a private island that sits on the Solent strait. And this isn’t just any ordinary private island. It is 75,000 sq ft of possibility’s, offering entertainment, comfort and luxe, in addition to oceanic vistas. Transportation to the island is easy, you can travel on boat or fly in on one of two helipads located on deck.


There’s a private nightclub, cabaret bar, entertainment room and hot house with fire pit. If you’re looking for something a little something to do in the surrounding water, you can hop on a jet bike, go sea kayaking, kite surfing and get on a RIB ride for some fun in the ocean.


Comfort is not limited on this island, with 22 amazing bedroom suites, soaking tubs and spa facilities with rooftop hot tubs, saunas, and an extra large sun deck for some R&R.

NMF Lighthouse

The fort holds many lounge areas, including a lighthouse lounge, complete with fireplace, oversized windows and a skylight.

For about £450 or $680 U.S., you can book your way onto No Man’s Fort here.  Maybe we’ll see you there as we plan to be there soon ourselves.