Ferrvor is pleased to introduce you to the Gogoro, an aerodynamic super smart-scooter, meant for your adventurous lifestyle, so if you find yourself in Rome, you’ll be circling around the Colosseum or hanging at the Duomo in Milan, or making your way to the Eiffel Tower in no time.

The Gogoro is an ultra modern, lightweight Aluminum Monocoque Chassis and Aeroframe Revolution technology.

Scooter 1

The scooter is tightly locked, supplying more control, easier maneuvering, and an aerodynamic body. With it’s G1 motor giving you instant access to it’s full-torque power the Gogoro can jet you to speeds up to 60 MPH for up to 100miles and get you from 0-30 in 4.2 seconds. The Eiffel Tower will look like a toy in your rear view mirror in no time.

Scooter 3

As you peruse the city streets, sensors built into the machine work together to calculate your performance; analyzing your riding patterns, tuning your torque, optimizing your power, along with automatic LED lights that turn on as the sun sets.