Cigars are a symbol of lifestyle, tradition and luxury, and in many cultures enjoyed as a favorite pastime, somewhat similar to a tea-time. The culture of cigars in today’s world is celebrated in Cigar bars and festivals. Solloshi Design has taken the standard cigar preserver to another level with the Themis Cigar-Pod Holder.

Themis supp 4

The creative team behind the Themis Desktop Cigar Holder, has created possibly the most-unique and visually creative piece we have come across. Being cigar and gun aficionados, they have combined both loves to form the Themis. As they call it, “Form and function in perfect harmony,” something that a Ferrvor Man should know all about.

Themis 1

The body of the Themis is a replica of a cylinder of a Colt revolver, with real bearings and a ratchet mechanism, that can house six ‘bullets’ in the chamber. In this case, the bullets are referring to individual cigar chambers. The Themis base is made from 7075 aluminum, which is the same material used to manufacture M16 military grade rifles, and the “bullets” are made from aerospace grade titanium. Each bullet tube has it’s own humidifier, assuring that your cigars stay fresh until it’s time to bring them out and enjoy.

Coupled with form, functionality, and exceptional design, we’re guessing you’ll want to add the Themis to your desktop collection.