TMAC FLOW combines explosive athletic movements with the healing benefits of yoga. Todd McCullough former Florida Gators linebacker created a method of yoga that gets you ripped. 

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This allows you to train both type 1 & type 2 muscle fibers. A normal yoga practice only trains your “slow twitch” type 1, whereas athletic training focuses primarily on “fast twitch” type 2. TMAC FLOW trains both! Todd offers his workout plans for FREE on his website along with meal plans and words to eat by. Excuses aside this only requires 20 minutes a day and your computer.

What are words to live by for someone who may be unmotivated?

You get one shot at this life. GO LIVE IT!Ferrvor Magazine Todd McCullough_page_two

Sweatpants: MyVice  Underwear: G-Star RAW Compression Shorts: Mr. McCullough owned

With so many fitness faux pas out there which one especially irks you?

I don’t focus my energy on critiquing other programs or philosophies, I only try to share what a lifetime of fitness has taught me. My fitness philosophy is “Sweat” and “Eat Clean”. Find a way you like to sweat and do that! Eat natural whole foods. If you do those two things alone, you will be on your way to optimal health.

Ferrvor Man is always on the go, what’s a simple diet regime for a busy lifestyle?

I suggest food prep either before you go to bed or early when you wake up. I typically make a green juice every morning. While making my juice, I cut up some extra veggies and fruit and pack them with me. Never let yourself get to where you’re starving. That’s when you make poor choices. Think more along the lines of “grazing” on healthy food throughout the day.