Robotic, playboy billionaire, Tony Stark is known for his quirky elegance and high intellect, but this week we saw a different side to the man most-famously known as Iron Man

Ok, so we all know that Tony Stark didn’t actually show up, but Robert Downey Jr., was in full Stark-mode as he showed up dressed as if he was heading to a business meeting with two Stark Industries briefcases in hand. This business meeting however didn’t seal a million-dollar deal.

Bionic 2

Instead, he presented seven-year old, Alex with his own Iron Man-esque prosthetic arm. The bright-eyed kid, sporting a classic, red bow tie, was born with a partially developed right arm, and thanks to Albert Manero, and his team at Limbitless Solutions, Alex sealed his first two-armed hug for his mother.

Bionic Supp 1 Tyler Pierce

The volunteer group builds affordable, bionic, 3-D printed arms. Cost-efficient, at less than $350, the arm is much cheaper than most prosthetics by over 100 times that amount. Iron Man may be known as a hero in the fiction world, but the real superheroes are the team behind Limbitless Solutions.

Supplemental Image via Tyler Pierce