smrt mouth

SMRT Mouth has revolutionized athlete tracking technology, and it’s without all the messy chords, face masks and tubes that you might be thinking of. Contact sports require the use of a mouthguard, designed to protect athletes from damage to teeth, gums, and painfully biting your tongue. So with that, the team over at SMRT Mouth has created an innovative mouthguard to not only protect you while you play, but track your vitals while you’re at it.

Story By: Amanda Del Mar
Media By: SMRT Mouth

All the talk is about smartphones and tablets, but the SMRT Mouth combines that technology. By tracking hydration using high sensitivity sensors, osmolality in the bio fluid is measured. This biometric data is then sent via Bluetooth to a mobile device or tablet, so that coaches and trainers can monitor and track athletes’ vitals. The device is then sent an alert when it’s time to get rehydrated, while also tracking respiration, circulation and exertion.

smrt mouth

So how did the inspiration for the SMRT Mouth come to play? SMRT Mouth CEO and Co-founder Dana Hawes shares, ““The moment I saw my favorite athlete remove his mouth guard when he was dehydrated during the NBA Finals a few years ago, I realized the answer to tracking hydration while athletes compete and train was right underneath our nose. We believe that SMRT Mouth is the answer to detecting dehydration in athletes before any negative side effects show.”

The SMRT Mouth comes with a protective case that also serves as a charger an cleaner. Check out more details at their campaign page.