Twist 3

Lighting is pretty much necessary for just about everything. From being able to see around your home or office, or setting the mood, light is critical to everyday life. Twist LED Lightbulb takes your lighting experience from ordinary, to everything you didn’t know you wanted in a light bulb.

Twist 2

Smart Cars, smart eating, smart spending, smart lifestyle decisions, everything seems to be guided by the smart choice these days. The Team of Warby Parker and Birchbox Alums came together to create Twist, a smart light bulb that combines light customization and a sound experience all wrapped up in one.

Twist 1

Twist LED Lightbulb is the first Airplay speaker, providing beautiful light and sound in the bulb, giving you an entertainment speaker minus the bulk and messy wiring. It has a cool dimming function, transitioning from cool blue lighting in the morning, and warm yellow in the evenings to mimic natural daylight. Feel like adjusting the brightness, or need a nightlight? No problem. The bulb is also compatible with standard light sockets. That’s because the Twist Bulb is designed to be a space saver as well. Control your tunes via the Twist app, and wirelessly stream via WiFi from any of your Apple devices.

For those wondering about longevity, the Twist LED Lightbulb lasts for 15 years. So get ready to Twist and turn your space into a smart space.

Story By: Amanda Del Mar
Media By: Hello Twist