U2 Rattles and Hums their way to earth, proclaiming Innocence on Apple’s Digital Starship! Back from the Future, U2 goes for it’s triumphant rebirth, something burned into U2’s DNA, since they began, in 1976. By now you’ve heard the good and the grumbling about U2’s album, ‘Songs of Innocence’.


With all the hoopla  surrounding U2’s co-unveiling of their new album “Songs of Innocence” along side the quantum release of Apple’s iPhone 6 and the magical Apple watch, we were quietly hoping it wasn’t just a promotional tool masking a crappy album, as often is the case. A little known industry truism is that the more colorful the record promotion, the worst the record. But fear not, ‘Innocence’ is not that, so don’t let the hype scare you away. This record is good and if you give it a chance, you’ll probably find yourself singing the lyrics to at least a couple songs.

For a band that’s written so many studio albums including a whopping 58 singles, you’re bound to have some winners and losers. Surprisingly, there were quite a few favorite’s, not in any particular order, starting with”Song for Someone” (Decent), “Ever Breaking Wave” (Good track and a potential sleeper hit), “ California” – a grower, but if you’re in the right mind set, a good track), “ Iris” (good for a movie soundtrack), “ Volcano” (Cool track, love Bono’s vocal work and Edge’s classic guitar was awesome), “Sleep Like a Baby Tonight” (The obvious single), “The Troubles”, feat. Lykke Li doing background vocals (Decent to good). Least favorites, were’ “Cedarwood Road” (Boring),  “The Miracle” (Of Joey Ramone), “Raised by Wolves” (decent and maybe good for an album track. Sounds like something from The Fix second album “Reach the Beach”),  “This is Where You Can Reach Me Now”, (Album track)

For sure, you’ll find the disenchanted out there that feel a need to complain about the record and nit pick each song and the promotion surrounding this, but don’t be jaded by what you read, U2’s album is solid and worth the price.


Songs of Innocence  was named, after William Blake’s collection of poems called Songs of Innocence and Experience and truly has a lot going on. In fact with the depth, maturity and meticulously well crafted, (13th) studio album no less, the title Songs of Experience seems to be more fitting. As one friend summed up, “I’m glad to have U2 back” Image via U2.com and appleinsider.com

Story By: Christian B
Images By: U2