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Technology is infiltrating every part of our lives. Think about it, from heated toilet seats to bluetooth, to wifi connections and technological tracking, the digital age is alive, well and with us everywhere we go. Exercising use to consist of just you, a pair of dumbbells, a running track or playing a pick up game at the park. But with the development of fitness tracking gadgets and hi-tech fitness wear, there is no more to your intense work outs than just a water bottle and a towel.

Story By: Amanda Del Mar
Media By: Under Armour

Under Armour has taken the sports apparel world by storm these past couple of years, whether its the undergarments that provide padding and support for athletes or the signature shoes from the NBA’s reigning MVP, Stephen Curry that have led the way in increasing company sales. With that said, Under Armour has released fitness products that are changing the game and the way athletes live.

Under Armour’s Connected Fitness system gives athletes the technology they need to get the results and information that they want. The UA HealthBox is the world’s first Connect Fitness system designed for athletes by athletes.
Included is the: UA Band, UA Scale, UA Heart rate, so that you can set identify your goals, and track and monitor your progress all in one system. Under Armour’s Founder and CEO, Kevin Plank, explains the exciting new venture, “Combining the world’s largest health and fitness community with the game-changing connectivity of UA HealthBox and UA Record, we are taking Connected Fitness to another level. With the HealthBox suite of products being introduced, athletes will be empowered with the information to make better decisions and ultimately enrich their lives in a way that’s never been done before.”

Under Armour Connected Fitness

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