Unified Weapons Master

If you were ever into Mortal Kombat, or for that matter, battling your buddies in head-to-head action in your favorite fighting game and you happen to be am MMA fan, you’re going to love this.

Story By: Christian B
Media By: Unified Weapons Master

Thanks to Unified Weapons Master, or UWM, who have introduced some impressive technology in the form of intelligent body armor, fighting fans can now enjoy Gladiator-like sparring with this new sport.

Unified Weapons Master

Created with the vision of becoming a large-scale sport and entertainment experience, where martial artists compete against each other with real weapons and a legitimate measure of who would have won in a real combat situation. In other words their advanced intelligent body armor can withstand kill shots from some of the worlds best fighters, while keeping score of each body blow.

Unified Weapons Master

The armor and technology were developed by Chiron Global, an Australian-based company features in-built sensors, and sophisticated software, that can calculate and display the actual damage a strike would have caused to the body if it was unprotected, in real-time.

According to David Pysden, UWM CEO “We believe this new sport has the potential to generate similar levels of interest as MMA by unifying the weapons-based martial arts community. UWM will take a wide variety of ancient arts from around the world and bring them together for the first time ever, using modern technology”

The game is played using a scoring system. Damage caused by strikes accumulates until a competitor is virtually ‘knocked out’ or ‘killed’, with a strike or a series of strikes of enough force to render a competitor incapacitated. Competitors can have multiple ‘lives’, just like in a video game, in order to prolong the duration of the bouts. When a competitor is virtually incapacitated or killed, a referee will step in giving a standard ‘8 count’ and a life is then deducted from their score; the fight then recommences. The winner can also be determined based on points but with an objective measure of the scoring using real-time impact data from the body armor during the fight.

Unified Weapons Master

Let the games begin! More information at United Weapons Master.