McLaren has unleashed the new 570S Coupé, the first model in its Sports Series. Shown for the first time at the 115th New York International Auto Show on 1st April 2015, this McLaren super car features performance beyond including upgraded highly optimized handling for supreme driving  and for the first time McLaren’s race technologies in the sports car arena.


The new 570S Coupé has a mid-mounted engine, rear-wheel drive and carbon fibre chassis. The engine is pure energy with it’s twin-turbo V8 producing (562bhp) and  (442lb ft). That coupled with it’s newly developed suspension system with ‘Normal’, ‘Sport’ and ‘Track’ handling settings allows this beast to handle just about any track or road it comes across. Toss in a seven-speed SSG transmission, add Pirelli P-Zero™ Corsa tires and you’ve got ultra control, all brought under control with carbon ceramic brakes.


The unique carbon fibre MonoCell II chassis at the heart of the 570S Coupé is incredibly strong and stiff yet weighs less than 80kg, and has been designed to offer optimal protection. Coupled with aluminium body panels, contributes to a weight as low as (2895lbs), nearly 150kg lighter than its closest competitor, meaning the 570S Coupé delivers class leading power-to-weight ratio. The peformance is stunning, with a zero-62 mph in a mere 3.2 seconds, while (0-124 mph) is attained in just 9.5 seconds and the top speed at (204mph). Even with all the muscle, the 570S Couple’ delivers stellar fuel efficiency at 25.5mpg. This means exemption from gas guzzler tax.

570s 2

With McLaren’s standard ‘form follows function’ design philosophy the aerodynamic form has been sculpted by the air, meticulously designed dihedral doors, which has been a McLaren design signature since the F1 super car back in the 1990s, channelling additional air to cool the mid-mounted V8 engine, and underneath the flying buttresses to increase downforce.

Designed around the driver, focusing on visibility, functionality and engagement this Intelligent and ergonomic design inside the cabin provides extended stowage space, providing the most usable space of any McLaren to date.