The Italian fashion house will now be joining the digital app world. Versace joins the huge emoji movement by releasing their own emoji app and a collection of emoji tees, with an obvious Versace twist.

Story By: Tony Madrid
Images By: Versace

In today’s digital era, emoji’s are the only way most of us express ourselves. Whether we are feeling pure love with a heart eyes emoji, or just need to express a good laugh, their is an emoji for every emotion. It makes perfect sense that after all the success Versace has had in the past with emoji’s, they would venture onward. As always, Versace tries to set themselves apart. The app won’t be your traditional picture sharing program, but instead works more as a picture editor. The app allows you to create your own emoji, with some help by Greek inspired imagery. Be sure to download the app now available, and check out the emoji tees now out on

Versace emoji drid