Holiday weekends are meant for enjoyment, relaxation, and a good time. With summer winding down, Labor Day is the last extended weekend of the season to getaway for a sort of last Summer getaway. If you’re looking to venture far from the crowds, the traffic jams and technological nuisances, we came across something that we think will suit your comfort and give you the adventure you desire.

Vintage Overland, Caravans, Hitch, Off Road

Crafted with style and functionality in mind, Vintage Overland Caravans are designed for your comfort but made for a real adventure. Hitch one of these bad boys to your truck or jeep for a getaway you won’t forget. The 600-700 pound, steel and aluminum frames can handle the most rugged of terrains. Founded by Britton and Ami Purser, each Vintage Overland Caravan is carefully crafted by hand in Grand Junction, CO, where “tough camping is a way of life.” And it’s all in the family, as each unit is built by Britton and his two brothers.

Vintage Overland, Caravan, Off Road

Quality over everything else, the caravans are rugged enough to handle the roughest terrain and easily zip through everyday roads. As a multipurpose teardrop, you can use it to haul your belongings or turn it into one of the most comfortable rest breaks you have ever experienced on a road journey.

Vintage Overland, Caravan

What adventures will you be taking your Vintage Overland Caravan?

Story By: Jasmine Sabagquit
Images By: Vintage Overland