Vipp Shelters are a cool and transparent living unit, uniquely bonding man with nature for the ultimate in getaways. The shelters come equipped with all of your essentials. Just pick a location and your done.

Vipp Shelters are an ideal living space. Find a location and Vipp will handle the rest. Each home comes prefabricated so everything from furniture and appliances to your linens and tableware, are all taken care of. They feature two-level units with living quarters, bathroom, and a bedroom / loft.

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Floor to ceiling windows give you a birds-eye view to the landscape of your choosing. Think espresso’ in the woods by a lake, a little snow all in the comfort of your shelter. You’re outdoors without sacrificing personal comfort.

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Vipp brilliantly created a simple step by step process for building these Ferrvor Man domains. Each one takes just a couple days for installation so you don’t have to be concerned about an extended construction time-line.

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