If you find yourself exploring breathtaking rainforests trails of Volcano National Park in Kona, Hawaii, don’t be surprised if you run into a luminous, and elegantly constructed residence in the trees. The idea to build this tree house came from the creative mind of Idaho-native, Kristie Wolfe.

Treehouse 3

The house is a architectural masterpiece. From the staircase, the entrance and throughout the home, you’ll appreciate every inch of craftsmanship, made from wood, plywood and bamboo. The tree house stands at 2000 square meters containing all the basic household necessities: a bedroom, restroom, and kitchen area. It is also elevated 15 feet off the ground, giving it space for a hanging bed, where you can further spoil yourself in ultimate relaxation in your paradise.

Treehouse 1

This place is also eco smart with it’s own rainwater catchment system. The water it catches is not recommended to drink, but is efficient for both showers and toilet use. A solar panel roof provides natural energy for your electronics, making this a green, environmentally-friendly residence.

This tree house gives you a chance to get away from the world for a bit, while reinventing the idea of a tropical getaway.