mirror 1

Throughout history there have been stories of notorious pirates traveling the Seven Seas in search of valuable treasure. For instance there’s Blackbeard, the feared individual known for his trigger-happy fleet, who took down countless ships for their loot. Then there’s Sir Francis Drake became the first English captain to circumnavigate the globe, who made raiding and capturing Spanish forts a sport. We’ll even throw in Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Hook as some references.

The Bottom line is that despite all the accomplishments that these individual pirates have had, no matter how notoriously inked their names are in the history books, they all failed to find the one hidden treasure on Tinos Island.

mirror 3

Located in Greece, the “Island of Madonna” is home to this mirage-like structure that camouflages all of its 198 square meters with the Aegean Sea. The “Mirage House” may not sound like an enormous structure, but what’s size when you literally have the entire world set right in front of you, not to mention the peace and tranquility that’s supplied to you with this isolated sanctuary?

mirror 2

From afar, the house is able to disappear to the naked eye. No tricks, no magic. The illusion is created through the use of mirrors acting as walls. What you’ll see is this house blending into the environment, becoming nearly nonexistent if you’re unaware of its location, which is ideal and epitomizes euphoric living.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Though nearly invisible, we’re convinced that you haven’t seen true beauty until you’ve laid your eyes on this mirage. A hidden gem, and a piece of treasure that even the sharpest eyes would hope to see in a lifetime.

Story By: Nico Triunfante
Images By: Kois Architecture