Apple comes out on top once again with their upgrade of the iPhone 6s. It’s no surprise, the release of the iphone 6s and 6s Plus are having record sales. In just 3 days Apple sold over 13 million of theses new models. The iPhones are set to be released in 40 more countries stating October 9th and will be available in over 130 countries by the end of the year.

Story By: Briana Dorton
Images By: Apple

Here’s some updated features to think about if you want to make the switch. The iPhone 6 covers pretty much everything, so it’s not hard to understand why they are flying off the shelves. Aside from the color options (gold, silver, space gray, and rose gold), they’ve added  a new very useful multi-touch component allows simple navigation with different amounts of pressure applied with your finger. The camera also now comes with HD and a retina flash. The new models also feature the strongest glass on any smartphone.

In addition to the physical features, the iOS 9 software update allows an even better operating experience. This includes a newer notes app that allows you to add photos and doodle, some much needed improved Siri features, more Transit information in Maps, and a new News app. With all of the new specs, you’d think it would sucks up more power and it does, but with the newly added Low Power Mode, it reduces or stops certain functions like notifications and automatic updates saving that battery.

And finally for all the selfie enthusiasts, iOS 9 now has a new photos folder titled Selfies, which places all of your photos taken with the forward facing camera.

Made up your mind to upgrade? Place your order now. iPhone 6s retails for $649 and 6s Plus for $749.