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When great minds come together, amazing outcomes will arise. And that is how the TriFan 600 has been created. With the collaborative efforts from a team comprised of successful innovators including former CEO’s of Sikorsky and Cessna, the XTI Aircraft team has brought to life a new way to travel and explore the world around us.

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The futuristic TriFan 600 Airplane is not your everyday flight option. It is designed to become the first commercially certified high-speed, long-range vertical takeoff landing (VTOL) airplane. In fact, think of it as the unique offspring of a helicopter and a jet, with the capabilities of taking off and landing almost anywhere, with the speed and range of some of the most powerful private jets around. As XTI Aircraft calls its, “Speed and range meets convenience for the best of both worlds.” And the best of both worlds is what you are getting. With 3 ducted fans, the plane features a vertical takeoff and landing capability that lets you land anywhere that allows a safe landing ground, and avoids the airport-to-airport hassles. Get in and get out as quickly as you want. Flying at 400 mph and at over 30,000 feet above predominant weather, makes this plane just as fast and speedy as the jets in the market.


This TriFan 600 Airplane will in fact be a game changer. Here are the specs of the next big thing in flight. The large, interior cabin sits 5 passengers and the pilot comfortably. Modern luxury is in mind with elegant surfaces and high-tech features.

The XTI Aircraft Company is launching the equity crowd funding campaign. According to the founder and chairman of the company, David Brody, “We view equity crowd funding as a creative way to involved everyone as true stakeholders working together to pioneer this all new way to fly. It’s a way to turn all of our supporters into potential stockholders by providing the public a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get in early on something truly revolutionary.”

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Lose the runway, but gain the speed, efficiency, convenience, luxury and comfort with the XTI Aircraft TriFan 600 Airplane.

Story By: Amanda Del Mar
Media By: XTI Aircraft