Electronic trio from London, Years and Years, release their new 2015 Y & Y EP, and its a must listen. 

Reigning from London, the trio brings a unique sound to the electronic world, finding a happy medium between traditional house music and soulful R&B. This week, Years and Years released their newest EP featuring their hit single “Desire,” which has surpassed 3 million plays on Spotify, almost charting as their most streamed song. This is big news for the trio who’s EP hits the airwaves on February 3 and has already become a favorite for listeners.

Olly Alexander, the band’s frontman, cites that the band incorporates influences from everywhere, including Flying Lotus, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Radiohead, Diplo, and Jai Paul. The one similarity between all of the influences listed is how well each write a song. They all excel at composing their music, something that Years and Years is turning heads with. From the first second of the EP to the final fade out, their new EP is beautifully pieced together. There isn’t anything excessive, or any ‘filler’ sections; from the start to finish, its a well-mastered piece of art.

There are people who believe in overnight successes, and some will most likely think that of Years and Years, but they’ve actually been on the verge of success since 2013 when they released tracks “Traps,” and “You & I.” It takes time for artists to finally grasp the success they’ve worked hard for, and the most recent example is Disclosure. They released their Settle EP in 2013, which featured the hit single “Latch.” It took until summer of 2014 for the song to get big, and for the duo to finally earn their recognition.

Years and Years is soon to follow in their footsteps. Expect to hear “Desire” on the dance floors, radio, and across the web in 2015. We’re big fans and they have our early vote for ‘Breakthrough Artist of the Year.’