What do you think of when you hear the name, Zayn Malik? Maybe the band One Direction comes to mind? It should, because that’s the British Lad that is now dating Supermodel, Gigi Hadid and the guy that you googled as a reference to show your hair stylist for your haircut appointment.

Story By: Kai Johnson
Image By: Versace / Zayn Malik

Well, the only direction that Zayn’s career is going is up. Nowadays Zayn Malik and the ever so rambunctious fashion world seem to be two peas in the same damn pod. With countless magazine covers and more than 15 million followers, it has now been freshly announced that Zayn is going to have his hand on designing for an upcoming capsule collection for the house of Versace’s Versus menswear and womenswear lines.

Ferrvor Zayn Malik Versace Versus menswear capsule Colelction

How is versus different than Versace you might ask. Think Versace as a mothership and Versus is one of the fashion Warplanes in the Versace fleet. Created by the Late Gianni Versace as a gift for his sister, Donatella Versace in 1989, Versus originally was killed off in 2005. Donatella has since raised the brand back from the dead in 2009.

Versus is known to be the creative capsule for Versace’s fashion house to engage in various collaborations with other talents like Christopher Kane and now Zayn.

Ferrvor Zayn Malik Versace Versus menswear capsule Colelction

Zayn confirmed the collaboration for the Versus brand by posting pictures of him and the Fashion Goddess, Donatella to validate the joint venture. As an avid fan of the house of Versace designs, we at Ferrvor are fairly confident that Zayn’s Versus collection is sure to be anything but just another ordinary celebrity namesake collection.  Zayn X Versus is set to drop in March 2017