Steady prices at the pump kept many of us Californians pretty happy for a while, but in the past couple days the price of gas has skyrocketed significantly! The price at the pump might not make us happy right now, but we found a gas saving alternative that is set to turn that mood in the opposite direction.

zecOO 1

The zecOO Electric Low Rider is one of the finest things to come out of Japan. It is a handmade motorbike, designed with the highest amount of attention to detail, all to your liking and customization. The bikes will only be limited to 49 models, allowing full color and decoration choices up to you, guaranteeing your zecOO is the only one of its kind in the world.

zecOO 5

The base is a strong, solid aluminum alloy, polished and finished to perfection. It stores the most powerful motor drive with a max torque of 14Nm, powered by Zero Motorcycles. All this in an electric drive motor, with smooth acceleration and control. The quality in the engineering does not fail as hub-center steering is critical to accommodating the battery weight, giving the vehicle the balance and control necessary for one of the smoothes rides you’ll find on two wheels.

zecOO 4

The zecOO is Japanese craftsmanship at its best. Save yourself some gas, and throw in some more fun. More details on how to get yourself on this amazing and extremely limited motorbike at www.zecoomotor.com.

Story By: David Sim
Images By: Zecoo Motor, Kazunobu Yamada