Quickly becoming one of television’s most sought after host, Zuri Hall is Hollywood’s it girl. She is steadfast on her rise to stardom and is not holding back. From hosting red carpet events and television series, and even having her own popular Youtube channel, she is a face we are all very familiar with. Get ready as she takes Hollywood by storm.

Zuri Hall is not your traditional starlet. She currently can be seen working as a television host and personality for E! News. She is a regular on red carpets and social events as she covers the latest fashion trends and celebrity news.

Story By: Tony Madrid
Photographed By: Kaleb Khu
Stylist: Brandon Nicholas H. & Art Hunter G.
Hair/Makeup: Taschi Lynell

Zuri started her career early on. After graduating from The Ohio State University on a full scholarship, she became the first female to be awarded a position at MyINDY-TV. Soon after her run for WNDY-TV in Indianapolis, Hall became an MC for the Indian Pacers during the two NBA seasons. Indian had grown to know and adore Zuri as she became a very familiar face on their televisions. She then made her way to MTV where she hosted multiple shows. After her run on MTV, she soon became the newest fresh face on E! News as a correspondent.

There is so much more than meets the eye with Zuri Hall. Aside from her work as a television host, Zuri also has a huge following on the video sharing site Youtube. She shares her outlook on life, love, and the daily enterprise that is her life.

Ferrvor had the pleasure of spending the day with Zuri Hall as we shot and caught up with this jack of all trades.

Zuri Hall Exclusive interview E News Red Carpet Host Youtuber Hollywood

Two Piece Dress Set: Joes Jungle Shoes: Stuart Weitzman


If you had the chance to interview yourself, what would be the hardest question to answer?

How long before you’ll take a proper vacation?!

If a biopic was made of your life, who would play Zuri Hall?

Zoe Saldana.

Do blondes really have more fun?

Only back in 2014, when I went entirely blond for a few months… 😉

Zuri Hall Exclusive interview E News Red Carpet Host Youtuber Hollywood

Left: Zuri Dress: Lexi Clothing Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell | Mettin Jeans: Diesel
Right: Blazer: Prêt-à-Porter by Jean Fares Top: Ema Savahl Nacklace: Fernando Rodriguez

If you were playing as Mettin’s stylist for the day, how would you dress him for the red carpet?

Mettin’s style is actually really cool – his Dutch/European style aesthetic has rubbed off on me quite a bit! But he loves to pair designer sneakers with everything (even with dressier looks)… so I’d get him into a classic black tuxedo, with proper dress shoes. How dashing!

What was your most outrageous red carpet moment?

There are SO many. But recently, I covered The Voice press line, and in the middle of my interview with Blake Shelton, Adam Levine crashes our interview and starts (jokingly) shouting F-bombs at Blake. So I just stuck the mic out, played referee & let them go at it. It was hilarious!

What is your most ideal romantic date with Mettin?

Anything that combines adventure & great food. I’d love a adrenaline-filled helicopter ride, followed by an delicious beach-front dinner as the sun sets. Is that cheesy? A bit 50 Shades, perhaps? Hey, a girl can dream.

How do you define the word “Gentleman”?

A man who knows how to make a woman feel like a lady — with good manners, chivalry and a knack for when to give a genuine compliment. Someone who isn’t afraid to step back and let his lady shine, but who can also take control when a situation calls for it. I may not need a man to take the lead, but I still enjoy it on occasion!

What is your ultimate guilty pleasure movie?

The Great Gatsby. I don’t like watching movies more than once, but the visual spectacle of that film draws me in every time I see it on screen. So much glitz & old New York glamour… I love it!

Zuri Hall Exclusive interview E News Red Carpet Host Youtuber Hollywood

Two Piece Suit: Prêt-à-Porter by Jean Fares Top: Ema Savahl Nacklace: Fernando Rodriguez Shoes by Jeffrey Campbell

What is your favorite E! show? Why?

E! News, because – duh! Ha… No really, because I’m so proud of the work our team does. We are constantly breaking the pop culture & entertainment news our viewers care about, and we do it in a really fun way. It’s really special for me to watch the show, because I know how much hard work and creativity goes into it.

How was your experience at this year’s Met Gala?

It was such a whirlwind! I didn’t realize just how crazy that red carpet is… It’s controlled chaos. Reporters shouting to get celebs attention, trying their best to get interviews. Stars practically glide up that iconic staircase into the Met. It’s a bit mind-blowing… so cool.

Who do you relate to most from Sex And The City?

I think I have a little bit of all of the ladies in me, but I’m definitely a Carrie Bradshaw. Her ambition, feisty personality, and quest for love while chasing a career she was passionate about… I totally relate to that.

Zuri Hall Exclusive interview E News Red Carpet Host Youtuber Hollywood

Dress: Lexi Clothing

If we walked in your shoes for a day, what would be our experience?

Comfortable – because I don’t like wearing heels, haha. Seriously though, it’d be busy. Very busy. You’d be up around 8 AM, and then off to work in the newsroom. Prep for the day, mentally, while you’re in the makeup chair. Then maybe you’d cover a red carpet that evening. And then squeeze in a nice dinner or drinks with friends, because you’re tying to stay social! You’d get home later that night, and probably edit a YouTube video while your boyfriend tries to convince you to go to sleep. And then you’d finally pass out just after midnight, but only because your guy refuses to start Game of Thrones episodes with you after 11 PM (I’m a total night owl)!

Go to getaway destination?

Europe. I love Amsterdam so much – it’s like home away from home for me now. I adore how you can hop on a train to Paris, or take a ferry to London. There are so many cultures to experience, in such a close proximity. I’m really missing it, right now!

How did you get your start on Youtube? Why Youtube?

I’d had the idea to start my YouTube channel, ‘Hey Zuri Hall!’, when I was just a year or two out of college… but it took me until I was in Dallas, TX anchoring the evening news to actually do it. I chose YouTube because I wanted a fun, creative outlet – a place where I could be my silly, sarcastic self and have total creative control. It’s a direct link to my fans & supporters, and a really fun way for me to interact with them… even give advice, when I can. I really enjoy it.


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